Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wooly Goodness

Okay... I have a confession to make: I never really invest a lot of money into my yarns.  Yes, I buy nice feeling yarn, but I never really buy skeins that cost more than $5. I've work with acrylic/acrylic blends and 100% cotton, but not anything nicer/fancier than that... until today!

I've been eyeing the Stitch Nation by Deb Stoller line lately and decided that I'm going to buy it and make myself something nice for a change.  I really don't spend much time making myself wonderfully crafty things, and I REALLY want a Queen Anne's Lace scarf, so I went and picked up my yarn wool today.

I chose the Alpaca Love - Peacock Feather. Photos compliments of the Red Heart website, since my colors never turn out as nice due to lack of natural light! I can't wait to work with it... but first...
I also picked up some Lion's Brand Fishermans Wool for Derek. Well, actually, he picked it up and wanted me to make another neckwarmer for hunting because he was so excited about the 100% wool.  He was so excited about the warmth of the wool that he called his dad who suggested a scarf since it would be more versatile. I really love the Fishermans Wool - even the paper sleeve looks so natural and brown bag-ish. Working with it is a bit scratchy, but it'll be so nice and warm!

I'm sure that working with wool is going to make me want to buy wool and wool blends a bit more, so here's to a whole new world of creations!

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