Wednesday, November 3, 2010

WIP Wednesday: In the Queue

Since I don't have much on the hook or needles right now, I thought I'd update you on what's in the Queue for me as well as my current WIPs.

Current Crochet WIP: A hat for cousin Joey, it's about half done and needs about 30-45 minutes to finish, I just haven't gotten there yet!  He's so patiently waiting for it, as he's been asking for hats for quite a while now and the last one I made was too tight.

Current Knit WIP: Camo neckwarmer.  It's still not going too quickly, but it has fallen to the bottom of the list.  Between the purse I made last week, the turtle dishcloth that I made on a whim before my sister-in-law's shower and finishing up Brayden's Rectangle, it's just been on my to-do list without really any priority. 

In the Queue:
I've been very distracted lately and hope to get back to working and completing projects soon!!

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