Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday's Featured Blogs

Hello all! Here's another week of Monday's Featured Blogs. I really hope that you'll enjoy discovering new blogs as I recommend them.  This week, I'm only featuring one blog, as opposed to the previous "developing and established" picks. Part of the reason is that many of the developing blogs I enjoy reading haven't had much activity lately, and the other part is that this blog falls in the middle of developing and established, as the blog has only been around since May 2010 but has the appearance of an established blog.  I hope you enjoy my featured read this week!

Featured Blog: Crochet with Raymond
    First of all, this blog is not about a man who crochets!  Alice is such a cheerful soul who shares her love of wool and her enthusiastic creativity. This is one blog that I read daily and I've actually gone back and started reading from the beginning.  I LOVE her patterns/tutorials and actually just made my first finished knitted item from one of her tutorials! She has a great sense of color and design and her blog is just a delightful way to get lost in creativity.  If you knit or crochet, you most definitely want to head on over and check it out... and if you don't, you should still check it out and look at the awesome pictures she posts of beautiful New Zealand.

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