Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hot Off the Needles AND New on the Needles

I finished the camo neckwarmer. It's a bit shorter than it would have normally been, but I ran out of yarn and Derek wasn't too worried about it since this is a backup/trial neckwarmer anyway.  I was pretty pleased with it because it was my first real knitting project.  I used circular needles, stockinette stitch (ie knit stitch in the round), made an eyelet row so that we can thread elastic cord through and add a toggle and I also worked K2P2 ribbing for the last 3-4 rows until I ran out of yarn.  Next time, I'd like to have a larger ribbed section, but again, it was a trial project.

 I love the knit/stockinette look!

And now, New on the Needles, is the wonderful wooly scarf I keep mentioning. The wool is a bit rough to work with but it's so natural it's exciting! the 100% wool and bamboo needles make me feel like I'm doing something great working with more natural materials. The goal for the scarf, or should I say deadline, is to be done by the day after Thanksgiving so Derek can take it hunting.  I hope I get the time to work on it and get it done in time!

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