Friday, November 12, 2010

Finished Objects and a Work in Progress

So, I'm still in a bit of a slump, but I did get two hats off the hook this week. Nothing fancy, and definitely nothing exciting, but it was productive.  I need to get a picture of Ben in his hat because frankly, he's so stinkin' adorable.  But for now - just a look at the hat I made for cousin Joey and the hat I made, of the same color, for Benny Bear. The sizes are quite different, but that's to be expected since cousin Joey has a large head (and he's an adult) and Ben is only 7 months old!

And, my current knit WIP.  I really love the look of the yarn on my needles! I'm almost out of yarn and I'm not getting any more as this was just really a test run and Derek said he's fine with it not being an extra long & bunchy neckwarmer.  I'd be willing to buy more yarn and make it longer, but he already has a crochet neck warmer that I'll be lining with a nice knit fabric to make it extra warm for those winter days in the woods.

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