Craft 365

Along the lines of the Project 365: Everyday Life, I've also decided to try to keep track of my craft makings throughout the year. I'm hoping that by capturing something I'm working on each day, it will make me actually take at least a few moments every day to work on a craft project. I hope this will keep me on track with my craft goals too!

Saturday, January 1

A few stitches on the Star

Sunday, January 2
Adding more layers to the Star

Monday, January 3

Twenty Three Rounds.

Tuesday, January 4

Knitting with Fishermen's Wool
Wednesday, January 5
Knit, Knit, Knit
Thursday, January 6
Commuter Crochet

Friday, January 7
Contrasting Colors
Saturday, January 8
 On Point

Sunday, January 9
Crumpled Star
Monday, January 10
A little more Hooky
Okay, I understand all the blue & black star pictures are getting boring, but it's my top craft priority right now. Hopefully I'll add more variety soon, there's not much left on the star!
Tuesday, January 11
Lovin' the Contrast
Wednesday, January 12
WIP Collage
Okay, so I cheated today, but *gasp* I didn't craft at all!  I am so close to getting Teddy's blanket done but I just didn't get a chance to pick anything up because we had other stuff going on! So, in the absence of a new photo, I thought I'd share the collage I made today.

Thursday, January 13
Crafting Tote

Friday, January 14
No photo for today. I did do a few stitches on the star, but Ben wasn't feeling good and I didn't get to picture time! 

Saturday, January 15
Last few stitches

Sunday, January 16
Knit, knit, knit... a nice change of pace

Monday, January 17
Boutique Bag #1

Tuesday, January 18
Sick day, no crafting & no photos

Wednesday, January 19

Granny Striping a bag

Thursday, January 20
One done, another already on the hook!

Friday, January 21
Starting another foundation row... Bag #3

Saturday, January 22
A new project in the works!

Sunday, January 23
Purple Passion
Thursday, January 27
Torn apart & Tangled
Friday, January 28
What's in the Bag?

Saturday, January 29
Brand new bag!!

Sunday, January 30
The start of a hat
 Monday, January 31
Boutique Bag #3
 Tuesday, February 1
Bottom of the bag
 Wednesday, February 2
Finishing touches on the handle