Monday, November 1, 2010

Monday's Featured Blogs

Hello all!  Here's another week of Monday's Featured Blogs. I really hope that you'll enjoy discovering new blogs as I recommend them.  I love mixing the established blogs with the developing blogs to give you a sense of where you get started and what you can become.  I'm still in the "development" phase and looking for ideas and inspirations for my blog every day. I hope you enjoy my featured reads this week.

Featured Established Blog: Paisley Jade
    Kristy Drake is funny and creative and I love reading about her makings and checking out her cool photography.  Check out her blog and the links to her fun Flikr groups like Craft Nerds Going Public!

Featured Developing Blog: It's Miller Time
   Lisa amazes me. She's so organized and talented - check out her linked blogs for recipes, schedules and home schooling.  See? I told you she's organized. She keeps her house while practically being a single Mum since her husband is away for work most of the time. Lisa, you rock!

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