Project 365: Everyday Life

I've been hearing so much about Project 365s lately that I thought I'd give it a shot. I hope it works as a page on my blog, otherwise I'll end up converting to a stand-alone blog linking up to my main blog.  I know my life isn't always too exciting, and I'm sure that I'll forget about the pictures and end up taking something random before bed... but we'll see.  Follow me for a journey through our everyday life.

Saturday, January 1
So I started off the year on a bad note. Though we had a house full of visitors for New Years dinner, I didn't pull out my camera.  Then, at about 10:30pm, I remembered that if I wanted to do Project 365 that I would NEED to take a picture.  So, Derek was being stubborn as I tried to capture a moment of playing Beatles Rock Band- but that's my snapshot of the day- Rockin' in the New Year!

Sunday, January 2
Benjamin is 9 months old today!

Monday, January 3
Stampin' Fun

Tuesday, January 4
Babes in Blue
Wednesday, January 5
Worn out!
Thursday, January 6

My Freebies
 Okay, I know this one was a bit lame, but I must admit that with all our errands after work, I forgot to take a picture of the kiddos and I know Derek would just hide... so I took a picture of my exciting deals!

Friday, January 7

My Brooding, Handsome Boy
Saturday, January 8

Benjamin with his Great-Aunt Fran
Sunday, January 9

"New Year" Cookies
Pretty lame, I admit it. I forgot to take a picture today and realized it again after the kids were asleep... so here's the tray of cookies Derek's aunt brought us when she came over for dinner. Things were hectic for her at Christmas, so she made delicious New Year cookies for everyone.

Monday, January 10
Cuddling with Daddy
Tuesday, January 11

Train Wreck
Ben actually derailed the train to get to the little presents... Tori was trying to help clean them up and then the process kept happening over and over.

Wednesday, January 12
Fun with the Speedway

Thursday, January 13
Bathtime Fun
Friday, January 14
Books Galore

Saturday, January 15
Finally Finished!!

Sunday, January 16
Reading Mommy a story

Monday, January 17

Playing nicely together
Tuesday, January 18

Okay, so I was sick today and didn't pull out the camera...  I still think I'm doing pretty good at remembering nearly every day!

Wednesday, January 19

Checking on cousin Teddy in his bassinet
Thursday, January 20

Daddy's Look-alike

Friday, January 21
Movie Night

Saturday, January 22
Mickey Mouse Pancakes
Victoria requested Mickey pancakes for dinner today... I think I've started something!

Sunday, January 23

Rock-a-bye baby!

Ben learned how to make the glider rock on his own today. He was so excited! 

 Monday, January 24

Teddy Bear all bundled up!
Tuesday, January 25
Little Gymnast and Aunt Anna ... and a lurker...
Wednesday, January 26
Away at a pictures...
Thursday, January 27
I missed my girlie!
Not the greatest picture... makes me feel like I'm in college again with the self portraits...
Friday, January 28
"Put the camera down, Mommy"
Saturday, January 29

Cheese...and dimples!
 Sunday, January 30

Toga Tori
Monday, January 31
Tantrum Time!!!
Tuesday, February 1
Happy teether
Wednesday, February 2
SillyBandz Resurgence