Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Creative Slump

I think I've hit a creative slump.  You know, Alice over at Crochet with Raymond recently blogged about being in a creative slump, just as many other crafters have in the past.  I never realized what that truly felt like until now.

Actually, I thought I was just tired and didn't have time to relax and knit or crochet.  This weekend I got time to work on the camo neckwarmer I'm knitting for Derek while the baby slept and the princess watched Tinkerbell for the millionth time.  It felt nice and relaxing, but my mind was wandering to different projects.

I picked up my knitting needles last night and thought about starting a scarf for the princess - but after 1 row, I gave up. I just wasn't feeling it. I thought about making a black beanie for her, so that I can attach the hot pink rose that I knitted, but didn't have the motivation. This is where I felt like maybe I was just tired. I had a rough day yesterday... but then I realized I'm just not that excited over any of this stuff right now.  I work best when I'm so excited to start/finish a project.  I just wasn't feeling that... so I guess this is what a creative slump feels like?

I started working on an earflap hat for Benjamin, since I haven't made him a hat yet and the hat that I love of his seems to have disappeared.  I found the pattern for the hat I want to make him here, and I'm doing it in dusty blue, most likely with black and white stripes. Mainly I'm choosing those colors because it's what I had on hand last night and I didn't feel like digging through my stash. If the pattern works up nicely, I'd love to make it in the colors listed on the blog. I only got 3 rounds into it before Victoria insisted she needed to sit with me (it was bedtime though). I'm hoping to get some time to work on it and finish it tonight- maybe that will get me over the slump.

There's so many things I want to work on, but I just don't feel the spark that I usually do.  I need to start the star blanket for my soon-to-be nephew, but as exciting as the pattern is, I'm not in love with the colors. I really want to do a blanket with all shades of blues & greens, but I gave my sister in law the option to pick colors and she wanted a blue star with black detailing, so I got what she wished for and I'm just not that excited about the colors.

I really want to make the Queen Anne's Lace scarf, but I want to go pick out some new yarn for that one. I want to learn to knit more, but the camo is so boring.  It's exciting to see it starting to resemble something, but it's just not a fun color to work with!

Anyone know the best way to get over a creative slump????

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