Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday's Featured Blog

Hello there and welcome to another installment of Monday's Featured Blogs!

This week's features aren't going by my usual established and developing blogs theme. Intead I've chosen one blog this week. It's a blog that inspires me to be more giving...after all, 'tis the season!

Cathy's Creations Blog The title on her blog header says it all: Cathy's Creations.. Jewelry with a heart. From the blog, you can link to Cathy's Creations on Etsy and also the Cathy's Creations Facebook Fan Page. Cathy makes amazing beaded bracelets and rings. She does so much to help raise awareness in the forms of donations and giveaways. She's got such a huge heart and her work is amazing! I thought that with the holidays quickly approaching, this might be a great gift for someone or for yourself and Cathy is such a giving person, it's only fitting that I choose her as my featured blog this week. Please go check out her blog, and hop on over to her FB Fan Page and Etsy site if you're interested in some awesome bracelets!

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