Saturday, November 6, 2010

First complete knitted item!

I've finally started and finished a knitted item!  I'm working on a neck warmer for Derek, but it's slow going between all my other projects. Then, while I was perusing my favorite blogs, I came across this tutorial for a knitted flower - Crochet with Raymond: Knitted Rose tutorial and decided to give it a try.  Victoria has been asking me to make her a black hat, and I thought that a nice, hot pink rose/flower would be so cute added to it.

So, here it is.  The lighting was terrible and I believe it's hard to see all the detail/stitching, but it's not to bad for my first try.  It was pretty easy to make since it's only knit stitch for 6 rows.  I actually only did 5 rows.  Next time, I'll also start with a cast on of about 50 to make a smaller flower.

And, of course, the camera was out so someone was all ready to have their picture taken...
...she's such a ham and camera fiend!

I hope you enjoyed the rose... I'm planning to make some more and play around with sizes.


  1. Great stuff!!!!! It will look gorgeous on a black hat!

  2. Thanks Alice. Your tutorial was so easy to follow!