Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WIP Wednesday

Hello there!

It's so refreshing to have a WIP update that doesn't include Teddy's star! I'm so happy to have finished that blanket and work on other projects.  This week, I have two current WIPs!! I love having multiple active projects.

The first has been a WIP for a very long time, only to get put on the back burner for Christmas projects and Teddy's star. I feel that it will take forever, and I feel so bad for my wonderful husband to be waiting so long, but he seems to understand. He's really looking forward to his scarf, made with Fishermen's Wool, a 100% natural wool:

The next WIP is the first of a series of Granny Stripe Boutque bags.  I'm making about 10 of these as party favors for Benjamin's Dr Seuss themed birthday party. The color is pretty off in this picture, it's actually Mod Blue and close to Thing 1 & Thing 2's hair color.

Stay tuned because I'm pretty sure I'll be showing a Ta-Da of the finished bag soon... or maybe I'll wait for the final Ta-Da for the entire set!

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