Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WIP Wednesday

So, have you checked out my Craft 365 project yet?  I really hope it will keep me on track so that each week I will actually be able to show you my current WIPs!

On my list of craft goals for the year, I listed Teddy's Star blanket with a completion date of January.  I really feel that I'm on track with that, I actually need to go pick up the black yarn for the contrasting trim and then I can continue on my merry way of crocheting it to completion!  So far it's 23 rounds. I'm going to do a round of black (or two) followed by the final round of powder blue and completed with a few rounds of black. 

The size is getting quite nice, and I hope that I'll love this blanket even more once the contrasting black rounds are added.  Again, my sister-in-law chose the pattern and colors, so I didn't feel as much excitement as I normally do when embarking on a project.  I'm just happy to see it along!

 The next goal on my list was to work on Derek's knit scarf and I've made some time in the past week to do so.  Initially I made some time as a break from the star. Yesterday, I used my craft time at gymnastics to work on the scarf because 1. I don't have the black yarn to work on the star yet and 2. it's a more portable project. I really enjoy working with the Fishermen's wool and I love when I find small twigs and other natural materials while I'm knitting.  I think it's a bit too scratchy for my liking, but working with it is awesome.

I hope to keep up with my progress, I really enjoy seeing things through to completion.  I also think that by working on my Craft 365, I'll have more to show you each week!

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