Friday, January 28, 2011

Busy week!

I've been pretty MIA from the blog world this week...  I was partially away for a conference, which was an interesting thing.  On Tuesday, I had to drive into Princeton and it's about an hour drive - no problem.  We were allowed to stay over, but it was Victoria's first gymnastics show, so I chose to commute on Tuesday and then stay Wednesday since our conference went until Thursday.

Well, the commute Tuesday was fine. Weather was fine and I didn't hit rush hour coming or going.  The gymnastics show was adorable!

All ready to go!



Uneven bars

Wednesday, the weather was horrible!! A "wet" commute turned into a slippery, snowy, icy commute. I was so relieved once I arrived safely and was happy that my wonderful husband convinced me to register for a hotel room and save the commute (before we knew about the weather). Needless to say, the hotel was booked and some people had to leave in the storm. We got probably 18 inches of snow!  Everything was clear for my ride home on Thursday, which was wonderful.

But, all this travel left me little time to craft or relax!  I did have a small purse nearly made and then I ripped it apart and started over...

I'm hoping to have a little more down-time coming up to update the blog a bit more and get back on track with my craft goals.

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