Friday, January 7, 2011

Things I'm Loving

Sorry, my Thursday feature is running a bit late this week- but I really wanted to blog about what I'm thanful for and lovin' this week.

He's an awesome dad and amazing husband.  Yesterday I went to an info session for the MBA program I hope to start at the end of March and I am so happy to have the flexibility to start it because he is home with the kids and that helps my stress levels so much.

In case you haven't noticed, I'm quite a planner. I've been planning Ben's birthday for months with ideas and such. When we found out that I'll *hopefully* be starting school, we decided on a date for his party to correspond with my school schedule - March 26, the last Saturday before the craziness of school begins... and then I heard it... the Admissions rep told me that the residency starts MARCH 21.  It's a week long and I'll be staying in a hotel in the city. How am I suppose to plan the party when I'm not even home?! I mean, the plans will be made, but all the last minute cooking, cleaning and errands need to be done that week - and I'll be gone Mon-Fri! 

 But, my wonderful husband came to the rescue...again. We've decided to move the location of the party to his aunt's house (possible, pending that she's willing to let us have it there) and we're going to keep it for the originally scheduled date. Yep, that's right.  Derek is going to take on the brunt of the last minute prep - he'll have help though - his mom, my gram & my aunt and some more of his family.  I figure if I can get the favors and decorations done, he will make sure the food and other prep is ready for me... he assures me he can handle it.

I'm so thankful I have an awesome husband!

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