Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Finding Frugality

Finding frugality should probably be a top priority for me for 2011, I think if I really work the process, only good things would come from it.

I really want to become better at saving money, especially for the everyday things that we routinely need. I would love to get our grocery bill cut down and get our toiletries and household items at great prices too. I hear people talk about their deals and how much they saved all the time, and I get quite envious that I don't do it so well.  In order to do this, I really need to focus on couponing and I need to take the time and do it properly.  I've gone through phases where I really use coupons, look for sales, etc and then I just get lazy. I really need to bargain hunt and start to build up more of a savings and pay down all of our debt.

Finances really make me crazy!!!  So I'm going to focus on working finances in my benefit.  I want to find deals, save money and earn free products. I think I made a great effort at Christmas, and I don't think I paid full retail price for any of the kids' gifts, aside from stocking stuffers.  Heck, I've even started to make sure I *always* have coupons for when I go to AC Moore and on my last trip I scored FREE yarn, 2 big skeins - remember that?

Deals like that make me so excited. I still remember a few months ago when I really made coupons work for me and got TWO packs of Ballpark all beef hot dogs for FREE. Awesome.  Is it crazy that savings like that give me a rush?  It's like some huge challenge and when you conquer it (ie free stuff) it feels great. Plus, that was $8 that I was able to use on something else!

So, who is with me?  Want to share your frugal tips? Do you coupon, what works for you?

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