Sunday, December 5, 2010

Week in Review

It's been quite a long and lonesome week for me, since I was home alone while Derek and the kids were off visiting family so that he could go hunting with his dad.   I really didn't have the spare time to take off from work, so I stayed here.  Monday thru Wednesday, I spent time with my sister-in-law.  For being 9 months pregnant, she wore me out!!  Each night I'd come home, curl up in bed and work on my projects. 

As I've already blogged about, I've completed the hat and scarf set for Victoria:

And I made some good progress on the new Santa Hat for Victoria, since the first one I made will be Ben's due to some size issues. Thursday and Friday, I came home from work and caught up on some TV while working away on my knitting project. I have to admit that I absolutely LOVE knitting!  It's such a new thing to me and I'm so happy that I decided that I was going to learn.  I have to thank my mother-in-law for encouraging me to just buy that set of knitting needles when we were at AC Moore... once I started, I was determined!  I suspect that the Santa hat will be done no later than Tuesday, then I just need to make the white balls to finish them off.

This week, while working on the new hat, I've realized that I'm getting faster and more confident in my knitting and I realized that I enjoy using DPNs, which I thought looked way too complicated for me.

I also snuck in a few rounds on Teddy's blanket, because I just wanted a slight change of pace.  It doesn't look much different than last time, but I promise you it has grown.

I was dying to start on my scarf, but I knew that I really needed to get the Santa hat done soon so Victoria can proudly wear it before Christmas. Since it's already December, I figured that should be my #1 priority.  Unfortunately, the lovely fisherman's wool that is shaping up to be Derek's much anticipated scarf has not gotten any attention, but soon I hope to make progress on that as well.

And, I just had to show you the deliciously fun, bright yarn I picked up that will soon be a purse for a wonderful little girl (not Victoria for once!)
I feel like I've made some good progress this week and I really hope the momentum continues! Soon I will be revisiting my growing list of projects.

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