Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Monday's Featured Blogs: Best of 2010 Part I

So I'm a day behind with this post- I've fallen a bit under the weather and blogging was definitely not on my list of things that I must do!

Anyway, as promised I'm going to compile a Best of 2010 Blogroll! Today's list will be Part 1 and will include blogs that I've come across and have been creatively inspired by, or just simply enjoy reading.  They will fall in no order of importance or show no ranking for absolute best, because I really enjoy them all.

...work in progress... This is a must read if you love to read! Jennifer gives a lot of book reviews, album reviews and funny stories such as the Tao of Hannah series. This blog is a nice variety that I enjoy reading.

Bunny Mummy This is one of the creative blogs that I found using iCrochet. I love looking at the nice splash of colour that Jacquie shares.

Crochet by Day Another one of the creative blogs that I found that gives me inspiration with my crochet projects. I love reading about and seeing Erica's crochet projects, like her awesome Noro scarves, along with other artsy projects that she has going on.

Little Woollie I caught up with Jules at Little Woollie during her Blogtober Fest and I've been hooked ever since. I love her creations in knit and crochet, and like me Jules is pretty new to the whole blogworld too!

tangled happy This is a recent find for me.  I found out about about Sara's blog when Alice from Crochet with Raymond mentioned that she was featured on Tangled Happy. I obviously had to check it out since I LOVE Alice's creations.  Well, Tangled Happy is quickly becoming a frequently visited site because Sara features projects that she's found, or created herself, with links to the patterns.  There are a few things in my queue thanks to her blog!

So there's my picks for the Best of 2010 Part I. Next week, you will find my absolute favorite blogs of 2010, the blogs that I go to when I'm in need of inspiration or a bit of cheering up.  It's so very hard to compile this list because each new blog I find really inspires me and hooks me in!

Please feel free to leave a comment with links to your favorite blogs as well, because I'm always up for something more to explore!!


  1. Hello Amanda! Thank you for your kind comment at Tangled Happy. So happy to hear others are enjoying the Granny Stripe Bag. How lucky am I to be featured in your Best of 2010 Blogroll! Going to check out the other favorites you have as well. I love, love, love Lucy at Attic 24 and have grown rather fond of Alice at Crochet with Raymond as well. Her tea cozies are to die for. Merry Christmas!

  2. Sara, Part 2 of my Best of 2010 is going to feature Lucy and Alice- I LOVE their blogs. Thanks for coming to check out my blog!