Sunday, December 12, 2010

Melted Snowman Cookies

Ever since I saw the photos of the Melted Snowman cookies, I've been dying to make them.  It all started when MamaCheaps blogged about them here. She linked to the original Melted Snowman Cookie tutorial by Truly Custom Cakery and I was just amazed. I checked all the recipes and the only thing I was missing was marsmallows! 

I decided that this would be a great Saturday/Sunday activity for Victoria and I while Derek was at work, given that Benjamin would cooperate and let us bake and decorate.  Well, either it would be fun or a disaster, but I took that chance.

It's a bit of a drawn out process- dough one day, baking cookies the next, cooling, royal icing the "melted" part, doing the marshmallows and then finally decorating...  I think the idea is great and I think if I had more Meringue powder it would have been great since I ran out of icing. Another issue was that I didn't have black food coloring, so I just picked up a tube of pre-made black icing and that was a disaster, it didn't pipe as smoothly as royal icing, plus I couldn't find all my cake decorating supplies, so I was limited on piping bags and tips.

Another major issue was that I was home alone with kids and Victoria wanted to be very much involved.  They didn't turn out as cute as I imagined, though I'm sure if Derek was home to help with the kids and I had all my supplies they would have been a bit more perfected.

Overall, it was a fun time for Victoria and I. She loves being in the kitchen and actually being able to do things, like piping on the details for the snowmen - which really meant squeezing the bag to make random squiggles.

Here's the steps to making the Melted Snowmen, according to Victoria.
Step 1: Make/mix the dough.

Step 2: "Quality control" aka licking the spoon:

Step 3: Forming the "puddles"/baking the cookies:

Step 4: Adding the melted snow (aka Royal Icing):
Step 5: Decorating the snowmen:

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