Monday, December 27, 2010

Monday's Featured Blogs: The Best of 2010 Part 2

Can you believe it's the last Monday of 2010? Next week at this time, we'll be in a new year! 2010 has gone by incredibly fast, it almost feels surreal. 

As promised, this week for Monday's Featured Blogs, I'm bringing you the Best of 2010 Part 2. In this list you will find my absolute favorite blogs of 2010, the blogs that I go to when I'm in need of inspiration or a bit of cheering up. Compiling this list was no easy feat; I fall in love with new blogs on a weekly basis. Picking my absolute favorites was easy this year, since there are certain blogs that I am just drawn to, blogs that I check in on daily for updates, new posts and projects and that's why I've broken down my "Best of" into two lists - my favorites and my absolute must-read favorites.

Attic24 Lucy's blog was an obvious choice for my absolute favorites list. Afterall, it is her blog that started it all!  I stumbled upon Lucy's cheerful blog when I was googling crochet patterns and crochet blogs. I felt instant inspiration and Ben's Granny Stripe blanket was made from Lucy's Granny Stripe tutorial. I love the simplicity of the pattern and it was a great project to delve back into my creative hobby with. Lucy's cheerful demeanor makes any day a happy day. Her creativity is inspiring and I always look forward to getting a peek into the Attic. Thank you Lucy- I'm so happy I found your little place on the web.

Crochet with Raymond - Alice's blog is my daily dose of colour therapy. I love reading her blog and feel so inspired when I do. She's awesome at sharing tutorials and taking lovely, colorful pictures that it's hard not to be in a good mood after reading one of Alice's posts. Alice is very talented, she's both a knitter and crochet goddess - I've seen her madalas and tea cozies pop up all over the creative blogworld.  Through her blog, Alice conveys the type of excitement about her projects that I think most of us feel when we are creating something or fall in love with a pattern so much that we can't wait to start another project using the same exact pattern, but in a different color. I hope that Alice will continue to blog and share her wonderful creations.  Alice-- you rock!

iCrochet - I'm not even sure you can count this as a "blog" but more of a portal of sorts where you can share your blog links and photos of your finished objects. I've found many, many of my favorite blogs through this site and I'm very thankful to Sarah London for creating and mainting it.
Half Baked -The Cake Blog- Carrie is a creative genius when it comes to cakes and decorating!  She features cakes and decorators and everything that can be a help to you for planning any event.  I stumbled across her blog when we were trying to make a final decision on a theme or color scheme for my Sister-in-law's baby shower. When I found this Real Party: Turtle Baby Shower, I knew I'd stumbled upon a gold mine! Her taste is impeccable and I definitely plan to turn to her features to help me plan events in the future. I've already got plenty of cool ideas for Ben's first birthday party from the Real Party: Dr Seuss Birthday. Thank you so much Carrie for all you do!

Paisley Jade- Kristy Drake is amazing. I love her creations, her yummy recipes and her overall positive vibes. Reading her blog is sure to make me smile. She takes amazing pictures and it seems like she has such a fun family.  Thank you Kristy for giving us a glimpse into your life!


  1. thank you for putting me on your favourites list! thats very sweet of you and I'm so glad that my excitement which I cannot contain is so infectious! have a very happy new years!

  2. Awww - thanks so much!!!! Have a wonderful New Year!