Saturday, December 18, 2010

Project ADD: A little bit of this, a little bit of that

I've been majorly slacking the blog arena lately and I'm also slipping far behind in the creating arena too. 
The holidays are such a busy time, and Derek's work schedule is hectic right now, along with me dealing with late meetings and getting home later than usual, holiday baking, holiday shows and the list goes on.  Now it's time to try to play catch-up with my "to-make list" while still trying to get my holiday things done- like wrapping all the presents that are hiding in my storage room!!

I thought it would be a good time to show a smattering of my WIPs, moreso to convince my self that I am, indeed, creating - just creating a bit slowly these days. I'm also having a hard time working on just one project. In fact, last night I was working on Teddy's blanket for a bit, but then I switched to my Queen Anne's Lace scarf because I just couldn't concentrate on the blanket!

 Maddie's Splash of Color Kiddie purse
All of the components of this purse are crocheted to completion - now I just need to take the time to assemble it into a cutesy little purse, perfect for the cute two year old it was created for.

Teddy's Star
When I began this blanket, I really thought that it would be done before Mr. Theodore made his grand arrival. Now, it would take nothing short of a miracle for that to happen - but Teddy made his grand arrival earlier today, so the blanket is past due!  I think the blanket itself is going to be great, light blue with black edging detail, but it just didn't excite me as much as another color scheme or blanket pattern would have.  The star is great, it really is, because it's more unique than a regular baby blanket, I'm just not competely feeling it.  This tends to happen though - I felt crocheter's remorse in the middle of Brayden's Granny Rectangle, but loved it once I saw the finished project.

Queen Anne's Lace Scarf
I just started this scarf and have put probably less than an hour's worth of effort into it. I LOVE the Stitch Nation wool! I love the color, the feel, just the wool in general. I'm hoping to finish this one up pretty quickly- the pattern is so easy once you get going. I think I made a mistake in the very beginning, but it's no big deal!

Derek's Fishermens Wool Scarf
This is the poor, neglected project. I didn't have a priority deadline for this one once I realized there was no way I was getting it done before hunting season. It would have been nice to finish it off before Christmas, but that's not happening either. The wool is a bit scratchy for my taste, but I do love working with it. Hopefully I can show it some love soon!!

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