Thursday, September 16, 2010

Things I'm Loving

Okay, I must admit that I'm "copying" from PaisleyJade and doing a "Things I'm Loving" post. I'd love to start doing this once a week, just to reflect on happy things!

Right now, I'm loving BEING HOME! I was away at a conference, even though I was commuting and was home each night, I was gone for long days, dealing with city driving and traffic and an hour long commute. Today I took a "Mental Health" day from work and stayed home with my family... we went shopping!

I'm also loving Phillies baseball and I'm so excited that they are in first place in the NL East!I'm also loving the granny stripe I'm making. I know I've talked about it for quite a while, but I have about one row left before I start the edging!

Also, the weather is making me so happy. It's perfect and fall is coming!! And, here's my current favorite picture:

Hopefully I'll be back in blogland more often... keep an eye out for the Ta-Da of the granny stripe, coming in the next week!

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