Thursday, September 30, 2010


Ben is such a happy boy. He loves to play on his playmat, especially when he can look in the mirror (star). Victoria is in gymastics since the beginning of September and she's loving it. She is so happy to go and play with her friends and go on the balance beam and bars...Here she is all ready to go:
Ben has been a teething monster! He's a much easier teether than his big sister and I sure am thankful for that! But anything he can get his hands on ends up in his mouth. Poor Tyrone:

We've been keeping busy lately, with a busy social calendar coming up in October. Last weekend we went to Knoebel's with Derek's extended family for a reunion-type event. Victoria had a great time going from ride to ride with all her cousins. Ben was exceptionally happy for the day and did great with no real naps. It was nice to go and relax and not have a crazy-busy park like you would have in the summer. Believe me, I know it - I worked there for 4 summers when I was in high school & college.

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