Monday, October 11, 2010

WIP updates!

My blog has been a bit drab lately without any photos. Here's a quick update on my current WIP: Brayden's blanket. I'm enjoying it now that it's further along. It fits the width of a crib/toddler bed mattress (covers the top only) but it's quite as long. I figure once it's long enough, it'll drape over the sized in width so it'll be nice for the B-Man's toddler bed. I'm hoping to end on a blue group or to at least do a nice border in blue. It's getting closer to being done!
And now I've officially started my first knitting project. I'm making a camo neckwarmer for Derek - hopefully in time for hunting season, the week after Thanksgiving. I've played around with the circular needles and needed to restart about 5 times, but I've finally got it. It kind of looks like a little curled up snake right now - but up close you can see the knit-look and it's so cool.

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