Friday, October 22, 2010

Ta-Da: Brayden's Rectangle

Okay, so I swore this blanket was not going to be "big". But I just kept going and going. I actually stopped it sooner than I was going to because I spread it out and realized just how big it was getting. Ideally I wanted to finish with a full round (6 rounds/rows) of blue, but after finish the 3 white I thought it would be best to just go to a blue border or else this blanket was just going to be huge- not that being huge is bad, but I wanted to get this blanket to Brayden and start on some more projects that are in my queue.

I'm really pleased with how it turned out - even after not being so sure about it after doing the first stripe set. Adding the border row of solid dc made it all wonky so it's not as "rectangular" since it's stretchy/wavy around and I've never blocked anything and I really wanted to be able to send the blanket home with my husband's parents this weekend so it is what it is. It's for a toddler, so I know it'll get dragged around and rolled into a ball and tugged and pulled - so I'm not sweating it.
Putting Ben on the blanket was just intended to show the size of it - he's currently about 28" long at 6 months... I think this blanket is pretty big!

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