Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In the Queue

I have the terrible habit of making a list of projects I want to complete while trying to work on finishing up one. It's almost like that excitement of looking ahead is so wonderful that my mind constantly wanders. I think it's heightened now that I've found so many wonderful, creative blogs and have gotten inspired by so many different people.

I was looking again at Lucy's crocheted bag and realized that it would be such a wonderful gift for Victoria, if made at a smaller scale. The pattern works up similarly to a hat, so I'll have no problems there... and I just think she would be so tickled by the idea of having her own little purse that I made for her. After seeing her excitement over her hat & scarf, I know it'll be just perfect. I'm putting on my list of "To-makes" and hoping to get it done in time for Christmas as a special gift from Mommy.

Another BIG project on my list is to continue trying to learn to knit. I bought myself a pair of circular needles, so that I can start knitting in the round - which is my #1 goal for knitting. I want to make cute hats! I thought the perfect way to practice knitting in the round would be to make a new camouflage neckwarmer for my hunting hubby - in hope of getting it done by Thanksgiving so that he can use it this year for hunting! Plus, it's camo - so no one would notice the flaws- right?

I'm in the middle of Brayden's blanket... contemplating more of my mystery WIP... then hoping to start Teddy's blanket. I want to make a few more hats for Victoria (at her request) and I really want to knit! The list is long, and it keeps on growing!!

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