Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ta-Da: Ella's Purse

I am finally able to do the final reveal of Ella's purse! I was saving it since it was a birthday present, and her mom sometimes reads my blog. 

I really loved this purse, it's a new spin on the boutique bags I've been making and I just loved the color.  I made it a little smaller than the other purses I've made, but I thought it would be just right for Little Miss Ella. The color is off a bit in these photos, I'm still playing with my camera settings for these dreary days that I'm stuck inside.

I only have good photos of the whole bag itself before I decided to embellish it with a tiny heart.  I do have a photo of the heart on the bag, but I took it on the way to the party...since this was taken in the car, the colors are more true to the actual purse.

I think I'm going to modify this pattern to make a larger scale tote, or market bag.  I'm still toying with the idea of starting up an Etsy shop for purses and totes as a way to keep up with the things I'm making and also to make some extra money to put towards fun trips and things.  I'll have more pictures and details to follow in the coming weeks.

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