Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Kitchen Kapers: Chicken Pot Pie

This one is long overdue! I made Chicken Pot Pie, based on a recipe from Farrah's Food Adventure.
The one big change I made was that I added potatoes to it, since chicken pot pie just isn't the same without potatoes, at least for me and my husband!

I cut up about 2-3 medium potatoes into small cubes and cooked them in the butter (without onions) at the beginning to make sure they were tender enough.  Then I followed the rest of Farrah's recipe, but added about an extra 1/2 c of milk and 1/2 c chicken broth.

The Verdict: Pretty good! Derek kept saying it was good, but he likes my other pot pie more... but honestly, you can't compare the two. The "Other" that he speaks of is a layered casserole that is made with homemade dough, slices potatoes and carrots and chicken breast in gravy. The homemade dough is just the best!  BUT, this chicken pot pie, in pie form, was delicious and even heated up well for leftovers the next day.  Something that I will definitely make again, thank you Farrah!

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