Sunday, August 29, 2010

Phillies Phever

After much awaited anticipation, we finally took the princess to a Phillies game like she'd been asking. We weren't sure how she'd do and we had a hard time finding games that would work for a 3 year old... but then some of my coworkers set up a "day at the ballpark" event and we decided to go - all four of us! It was a 1pm game, so it was perfect for both Victoria and our baby boy. She was so excited, I think we all were except Ben who had no idea what was going on!
Then, we had to make a stop at the Citizen's Bank Park's Build-A-Bear workshop to make a special bear to commemorate the day. Victoria is kissing the bear's heart before getting him all sewn up.And here's the field from our seats. We were up pretty high, but considering we needed a group of 40ish tickets, this was all we could get for decent prices... it was still so much fun. Derek got a picture just as Chase Utley hit the ball.

Victoria was so well behaved, and Ben slept and smiled most of the time we were there. After the game, they had an event called Kids Run the Bases.... we waited in a line that wrapped around the entire stadium but it was well worth it to see how happy our little girl was to be on the field.
And then it was time to go back home... but one thing is for sure, we will be back again! Most likely it will be next season, but we are planning to take Victoria to a game again

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