Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Family Game night

I thought it was about time I start to add some pictures to my blog... here is one taken during our very first "Family Game Night". Monopoly was quite a game to start with, but I think my hubby was getting tired of Topsy Turtle. We really need to build a stash of appropriate aged kids' cames as Miss Tori is starting to show some interest.

We pulled out Monopoly and she seemed to enjoy it. Really, she just rolled the dice, counted her spots, bought some properties and talked about going to and visiting Jail. She was fascinated by the whole concept of "Go Directly to Jail". Lord knows she probably went to preschool talking about Daddy going to Jail and the fact that she had to "visit". Thankfully they know that's not true, especially since he's been picking her up & dropping her off lately!

What were your favorite games to play as a kid? I think that Candyland will be a great place to start with her, maybe some Connect Four too.

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