Friday, August 13, 2010

Creativity unleased

I've started perusing blogs lately and I've gotten inspired to start crocheting again. I'm so behind in making blankets that it's not even funny. I pretty much gave up on my craft for so long, but decided that it's really going to be nice to pick it up again. I was very inspired by a blog that I found, Attic24, and the Granny Stripe blanket, that I've decided to start with that one. Between reading her blog and looking around at other's such as Sarah London Textiles, I picked up some yarn and now the granny stripe is underway for my baby boy!

I decided to go with something that's not usual for babies - grey, pistachio green & white. I wanted something other than baby blue and pastel green. I'm really loving the way it looks - I've decided to go along with an "unpatterned" blanket - mixing up the order of the colors and the width of the stripes. BUT... it's been a while since I started a blanket that wasn't a pattern but rather started as a "replicate of..." so the blanket for Baby B is quite wide... maybe I'll make vertical stripes instead... we shall see.

But, now that I've started, I've already gotten a list. I need to make a blanket for my oldest nephew (he just turned 1) because I started one when his mommy was pregnant and it never got finished and he was a BIG boy and it was a small blanket, so I set it aside, unfinished. Once I'm done with my baby boy's blanket, I'll start the one for my nephew. I'm thinking of trying my hand at a rectangular granny for him.

After his, I'm going to make one for my sister-in-law's new baby, who is due between Christmas and New Year. Hopefully I can catch up, between work and two kids, and get the blankets done before the new little guy is born. I also want to make a few hats for my daughter, since she loves her hats and scarves. Luckily, my aunt will also make some with her Knifty Knitter if I don't get there in time.

Boy, I'm getting tired just thinking of my list! Hopefully I can break out my camera and take a few snapshots of my progress to share my creations and document my projects.

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  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog!! It's crazy how many of us are working on the Granny Stripe blanket! I would have to say that most of my crochet is done while sitting in the passenger seat of the car too. Can't wait to see how your blanket is going.