Saturday, August 20, 2011

Simple crisscross scarf

I got an order for a scarf from a friend of mine and I was given freedom to create.
Well, I looked around for patterns and decided to combine two elements that I found to make up my own scarf. I couldn't think of a clever name for it, so until then it's just the simple crisscross scarf!

Here it is:

I really like it!  I use the cross-dc method (not really sure what it's called!) and hdc rows.

I'm not really good at writing up patterns.. if I can write it out in a coherent way, I'll be sure to share. Basically I did a row of Hdc, a row of the "X" stitches made with dc, a row of Hdc - change colors and repeat.

To make the "X", I skipped one st and dc in the next, then dc back into the skipped st and repeated this across. I assume if i use a chunkier yarn, the "X" will be more pronounced and look less like a V.

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