Sunday, July 31, 2011

Being realistic about LCHF

There are so many nay-sayers whenever anyone knows you are doing some sort of diet or eating change... All those people who say if you cut carbs it won't be a maintainable weight loss, those who say you'll go out of control and gain all the weight back quickly.

I wonder why people are like this? I assume it's because we see people that starve themselves or make things completely out of reach and then they can't keep up with the lifestyle, spiral out of control and gain more weight than they've lost. I've seen people do this while following Atkins, Weight Watchers, counting calories, etc... it's not common to just one plan.  I think that if you want to make changes that you can maintain, you really need to be realistic about it.

Last week, I started following a modified LCHF eating plan. I allowed myself to have fruits, especially bananas - though I had no idea how high in carbs bananas are! BUT, I folded under the stress of party planning and had a fountain soda... THEN I looked up the carbs. Oops. But, the rest of the day I made smart choices. Friday-Monday were tough with having a guest stay with us, party planning and a Phillies game... I ate the carbs I wanted, but made sure to make other smart choices. Yes, I had soda and french fries (Yum... crab fries) at the game, but I chose wisely for breakfast and only had a small bit of carbs for Derek's party.  At Victoria's party I passed on rolls for my hamburger and hot dog and I also declined a cupcake and pretzel knowing we'd have extra to take home and if I really wanted those things, I could have them later. I did, but if I would have had them at the party, I still probably would have had some at home and I knew that.

Since Tuesday I've been back on my plan. Making substitutions for carbs and/or passing my carbs to Derek. Example: Friday we attended funeral services for his aunt. The luncheon included salad, a roll (I passed), delicious chicken piccata, green beans & mashed potatoes (I skipped the potatoes), and an ice cream sundae (I passed, except for a small taste of the fresh whipped cream). I was satisfied. I didn't feel hungry at all!

Last night we went out to dinner and I ordered a hefty chicken sandwich. I ate it with a fork & knife and opted for a side salad instead of the fries. I was stuffed!  I didn't need the carbs to fill me up and my dinner was delicious! 

Now, there are times where I may opt for the carbs, but that's because I'm keeping it realistic. I'm not depriving myself of anything, I'm just being more careful with my choices and I'm really enjoying the foods I'm eating.  It's not easy to always pass up on the ice cream cake that is sitting in my freezer leftover from the celebrations - but I don't need it. It's not always easy to pass up on french fries because they are my weakness, but if I *really* want them, I'll enjoy a few. 

I guess my whole point is that I'm doing it my way and it's working for me. I'm being realistic about not completely depriving myself of something I may want, because I know that complete deprivation could lead to binge eating later on. I'm still losing weight and I'm definitely feeling the effects of sugar withdrawal, but I have noticed that when I do enjoy the carbs, I am really enjoying them, not just eating them because they are there.

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