Thursday, July 28, 2011

Birthday Celebrations!

On Monday, my husband celebrated his 30th birthday... boy is he getting old! On July 13, Victoria turned 4!! So we've been doing lot of celebrating around here lately.

On Sunday, we had Victoria's Phantastic Phillies Birthday party at a local park. Unfortunately, I forgot to pick up my camera for half of the party, but I did get a few good shots.

Enjoying Kona Ice

Ben wasn't getting his way!

Pinata fun

They were so excited to match!

On Monday, we celebrated Derek's birthday (and Victoria's too) at the Philadelphia Phillies game. Unfortunately the Phils lost 5-4 but it was a close game and lots of fun. One big disappointment is that we decided to go to this game because they had the Kids Run the Bases event folllowing the game, and due to approaching storms, the event was cancelled. Victoria wasn't really disappointed, I think she was too tired, plus we promised a trip to the Clubhouse store.
Victoria loves Chase Utley, so she was super excited that she & Derek both had their Utley jerseys on for the game!
So happy at Citizen's Bank Park
Crazy play at home... he was out... boo!

Then, we got home to a surprise party for Derek. It was great that we were able to pull it off because he really didn't expect anything. We weren't able to do a big party due to schedules and a few other things, but he was really happy with his party. Then, there was even a surprise I didn't know about - he got a Kayak from his family!  His sister & her husband went in with his parents, aunt & cousins and they got him a kayak and accessories for it... he was beyond thrilled - like a kid on Christmas!

Victoria & Teddy making sure the kayak was okay

We've had a busy time celebrating birthdays but it was a great weekend!!

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